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What is CACI?

CACI provides an exceptionally effective facial which gently tightens and tones sagging facial muscles whilst smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The CACI Ultra machine lifts and tones without the need for surgery. CACI treatments reduce and diminish the signs of ageing by stimulating and lifting the facial muscles. It also increases the production of collagen and elastin to the skin of your face. The applied micro-current is a gentle but effective energy that works with the naturally occurring bio-electric currents in the body, promoting cellular activity and renewal.




The Computer Aided Cosmetology Instrument, or CACI, was developed by a Californian doctor, Thomas Wing, for the of treatment Bell's Palsy, strokes and for soft tissue injuries such as whiplash and sprains, as well as for pain relief. CACI soon gained huge popularity, taking Britain and America by storm, soon used in top beauty salons including London's Harrods salon and Champneys Health Farms and the rest, as they say, is history.


CACI International is now an award winning company with expertise in the beauty industry that spans over a decade and is the driving force behind the world acclaimed CACI non-surgical facelift system. CACI International have established an enviable celebrity following and built a reputation as leaders and innovators in their field.


How does it work (the science bit)?


CACI works by combining a unique patented waveform (Tsunami), with the naturally occurring bio-current of the body, to achieve instantly visible results on sagging muscles and skin tissue.


The tiny micro current helps to tone, lift and re-educate the muscles back to their original position. When the muscles are stimulated they either contract or expand; it is the direction of the stimulus that determines which reaction takes place and this will be dictated by the positioning of the probes over the muscles.


In either case, proper firmness is re-established through the non-surgical procedure by correcting the sagging muscle, which in turn corrects the sag of the skin. The treatment also stimulates blood circulation, which helps improve muscle tone and counteract dryness.


Although gentle and subtle, the treatment produces powerful results; redefining natural contours and facial features, such as jawline and cheek bones, rejuvenating skin texture, softening wrinkles and improving fine lines. The micro-current process reduces puffiness around the eyes by improving lymphatic drainage; it boosts collagen and elastin levels whilst increasing cell renewal. By improving circulation, the process promotes healing and you will notice your complexion gaining a rosy tone, giving it a refreshed, radiant look. The process produces results even on your first visit.


Benefits of micro current are:


•Increases cell energy by up to 500%.

•Increases protein synthesis (elastin) by up to 73%.

•Increases fibroblastic activity (collagen) by up to 60%.

•Increases cell permeability by up to 30 - 40%.

•Increases lymphatic system activity.

•It is virtually sub-sensory. Due to the extremely low current used, the client feels very little, if anything, at all.

•It has beneficial healing effects. The treatment helps to heal scars and blemishes and gives a wonderful glow to the skin.

“More than just a beauty treatment..... More than just a facial”